INTELLIGENT BUSINESS CLUSTER (IBC) consists of companies based in Cyprus, Greece and Germany and covers a wide range of consulting services and technological innovation services while collaborating on research issues with companies and academics from across the EU and USA.

It was created in 2014, by experienced executives in the fields of business consulting and informatics with many years of experience in similar positions and has strong business activity, which is based mainly on the long experience of both its creators and partners. It works to support modernization and the provision of specialized value-added services to organizations / companies as well as to secure European subsidies.

The breadth of experience and know-how of IBC executives in all areas of business activity ensures the provision of high-quality services and technical support in operational, technological, organizational and financial matters.

The areas in which IBC members focus their services cover the topics of Business Consulting Planning, Development Policy Planning and Implementation and the Development and Implementation of Innovative Products, as well as adaptation to Certification rules.

In detail, services are offered regarding:

  • The submission and monitoring of business subsidy plans by the Republic of Cyprus and the EU,
  • The compliance of companies with the legislation on personal data protection (GDPR),
  • Consulting for certification according to ISO 9001, 27001, 27701, 22301 etc.
  • Consulting on Business Management & Succession Planning,
  • Creation of strategic and investment development plans,
  • The study and creation of more efficient production conditions (lean management), as well as
  • Staffing executive positions with the proper staff.
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